Mesotherapy Services

Mesotherapy is classified as a non-invasive technique used to stimulate the mesoderm (middle layer) of the skin /scalp. 
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Superficial micro-needling (approximate depth 1-1.5mm) technique is applied by using a micro needle pen.

Topical solutions containing active ingredients are applied to the targeted area and the micro needle pen encourages penetration of these ‘tiny medicinal’ bullets to just the correct depth.

The solution applied contains a range of minerals, vitamins and amino-acids that is tailored for each client depending on extent, severity and duration of hair loss.

This is a quick virtually painless treatment with no downtime. It targets and delivers active ingredients to the precise area around the hair follicle that encourages growth.

Chances of results with mesotherapy far exceeds the commonly used ‘Minoxidil’ approach. Chances of regrowth can range between 70 to 95%. Individual results may vary. Compliance to treatment is imperative.

Approximately 8-10 sessions are usually required to stimulate hair growth

An extensive course of treatment every 2 weeks for 2-3 months followed by decreasing frequency depending on hair growth. All clients are assessed, treated and managed by a Trichologist.

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