Low level laser therapy

At Hair Aesthetics we offer Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) to promote hair growth. 
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LLLT emits light energy which is absorbed by the photosensitive receptors of cells.  This triggers an enhancement in cellular activities.

The follicles which are in ‘sleep mode’ become stimulated and pushes hair from the dormant (Telogen) phase into the active (Anagen) phase.

The excited cells are able to divide more effectively resulting in an increase in the number and thickness of growing hair. Hair becomes fuller and scalp healthier. LLLT is a soft and effective treatment modality.

*Please note, not all laser therapy units are same and not all laser machines deliver the correct output or wavelength necessary to promote growth.

At Hair Aesthetics we have a custom built laser therapy unit.  Our unit allows us to tailor each client’s treatment plan depending on type, extent and severity of hair loss.  Each client’s treatment is closely monitored and modified by our in-house Trichologist so that the correct dosage of treatment is delivered for best results.

At Hair Aesthetics there is NO lock down contracts.

*Compliance to treatment plan is essential and individual results may vary.

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